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5 Reasons to Resurface Your Concrete Floors, Steps, Curbing, Sidewalks, Etc.

  1. Give Your Concrete a Facelift - Give your home or business a fresh look and add to your overall curb appeal all in one!

  2. Extend the Life of Your Concrete - With the proper care, a new driveway can last upwards of 30 years!

  3. Prevent Over-sealing - While it is necessary to seal your driveway, re-sealing it excessively can cause extensive surface cracking.

  4. Reduce cracking/filling concerns - While it is normal to patch concrete, patching too much can cause serious problems.

  5. Save Time and Money - Resurfacing costs just a fraction the time and money it would take to completely replace it.

Concrete Curbing for a Garden

  • Create a boundary to your home garden - Concrete curbing is a great way to add an aesthetically pleasing boundary for your home garden. It will improve the curb appeal of your garden by making it look more clean and attractive to the eye. When done by the right professional, defining your garden with concrete curbing will also increase the value of your home by giving it's front garden a cutting edge and well defined look.

  • Increase the durability of your garden - Besides just the value and beauty it adds, it will also add durability to your garden as concrete will never rot and is unlikely to shatter for years to come. The maintenance cost of landscape curbing, also called landscape edging, is very low. It will help prevent unwanted elements from entering your garden and will help to protect your flowers and plants.

  • Add style to your garden with shapes and contours - Curbing will give you many flexible options to add style to your garden as well by allowing you to choose the shapes and contours and colors to accent your garden and make it a real focal point of your yard. Give us a call today to review your options and get started on improving your look!

Concrete Versus Asphalt Driveways


Asphalt is indeed the most popular way to pave a driveway, due to its lower initial cost but pricing for concrete parking lot paving has come much closer to that of asphalt in recent years due to improved equipment and the rise of asphalt prices. It is important to note that even though asphalt is still cheaper than concrete, its lifetime costs greatly outweigh that of concrete due to the maintenance requirements. Here are a few points to consider:

  • Asphalt needs to be resealed and resurfaced regularly to maintain its appearance and integrity. Maintenance costs for concrete are nearly zero—only some joint sealing and annual cleaning.

  • Concrete surfaces are much lighter in color which can help you save on lighting costs of your driveway. You can reduce the amount of lighting in your driveway by about 30% and still have the same brightness, keeping your driveway safe and bright while saving you some money! 

  • The lighter color of concrete will also reduce the heat-island effect and keep the driveway cooler in temperature during those hot summer months; this helps lower cooling costs for your home.

  • Concrete pavement is much more durable and able to handle heavy loads without creating divots, rut or potholes.

  • A concrete driveway is also much more environmentally friendly! Runoff from concrete is of low toxicity and much cooler than from asphalt surfaces. Also, concrete can contain more recycled materials than asphalt.

If you still are debating or have questions about your driveway paving plans, get in touch with us and we will offer our ideas and advice for your project!